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3/ 21/15

When there is no one to distract you. When what do you do? When being alive feels wrong. When what do you do? When everyones an enemy. When what do … Continue reading

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Triggering SI Triggering (New pic 3/18/15)

 These are my new scares from my self injury they are there to the story of Lisa.  And the Loss of her only time will tell it there will be more. Because the pain is … Continue reading

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Latuda / Clozaril / Venlafaxine (update / journal) 2.14.15

I just wanted to journal about the meds I am on maybe these things help others. Some big things have been going in my life so this may not be … Continue reading

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Frustration (journal 2/3/15)

My frustration is in what Einstein called the definition of insanity. I do the same thing over and over and expect a different out come. I do not do this … Continue reading

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I am fraud – 10.7.14

I am working the best I can with my new position at work. The doubts are all over the place. The feeling of failure in every decision. Am I doing … Continue reading

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Am I bad at everything, Pancakes – Journal 7.26.14

I have read more then a few articles / postings about how to do awesome things with pancakes. I have tried to do a lot of them. But I just … Continue reading

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Journal ~ Eating a way to end my life.

7:37am 7/11/2014 I have gained back 5 pounds a month for the last 4 months. My highest weight was 450ponds and I went all the way down to 290 pounds. … Continue reading

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