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Thoughts from My Broken Mind

How much is that restaurant stealing from you?

           I dislike onions, and always have the place I am eating from not put them on my sandwich, hoagie, ect and tomato’s are a if … Continue reading

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Schizophrenia 5/21/2015

 I have been running forward, scared to stop, scared to look around. I want to run away from my hospitalization. put time between me and my brokenness. My Schizophrenia, my … Continue reading

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Thoughts from my hospitalization 5/5/2015

4/20/2015 They say it is wrong to want to die, but they have never lived in my head The voices that never stop The shadow people that whisper in my … Continue reading

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If You’re Contemplating Suicide, this is for you…

You are so much more then you know. If You’re Contemplating Suicide Please find some to talk too. ————— No matter what problems you are dealing with, we want to … Continue reading

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I Die in an Ocean of People 4/13/2015

I feel alone, my chest hurts in that painfully lost something way. All I want to do is reach out but no on is there to reach to. The only … Continue reading

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I forget 4/13/15

I don’t forget how broken I am, how normal is a wish. That people don’t like to be around me because of this. But for some reason I forget that … Continue reading

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What have I done. In January I had a girl friend, a job and for going on 2 years too, and everything is fine. Now I am preparing for what … Continue reading

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For some reason I have been into a few of Angels songs.   Angel Haze – Angels and Airwaves Angel Haze – Gossip Folks Angel Haze – Bitch Bad Angel … Continue reading

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